Best DIY Lip scrub!

I always see all these DIY beauty treatments on Pinterest and I wonder how well they actually work. I usually stop short of actually trying them because one time I decided to try a DIY hair mask that was supposed to make my hair all soft and wonderful.

The problem? well it had oatmeal in it and trying to get oatmeal out of your hair is almost impossible it became gooey and “snot like” and I had to wash my hair over and over and comb it over and over to get it all out, it was a nightmare. did my hair feel softer? nope after washing it that much it was fuzzy and dry.

So no oatmeal for me today! but I picked 3 simple treatments to try out, first up I tried Kiss me sugar lip scrub. the recipe did say to use almond oil which I didn’t have but I saw in the comments that some people where using olive oil so that’s what I used along with the optional dash of cayenne pepper ( seriously don’t go over board with this ingredient.)20180823_112946

this is what it looked like after mixing it all up:

Lip scrub DIY


I massaged this into my lips for about a minute and then washed it off and let me tell you this stuff worked! my lips felt amazing and very soft, its been several hours and my lips still feel just as good!

I think I may just make some of this scrub up for Christmas this year and put it in cute little containers as stocking stuffers.

On to my next DIY treatment: Nose pore strip. now I have been wanting to find a good nose pore strip for awhile DIY or store bought ( If you know of a great one let me know in the comments below), so when I found this I thought it was worth a try.

All you do is put egg whites all over your nose and then stick a strip of paper towel to your nose for 10 minutes, simple right?


It looked crazy and honestly I found slathering my nose with egg whites a bit gross so I already wasn’t loving it and then after 10 minutes I removed the paper towel and yeah it was a fail! I didn’t notice any benefits of  this one unfortunately.

After that fail it was on to my last treatment Coffee face mask another really easy one which I just had to mix coffee powder and honey together, I didn’t have any powder so I just used regular coffee that I had.


It smelled really good…well if you like the smell of strong coffee that is. I massaged it all over my face and then left it on for the 20 minutes like the directions said. I looked really cute this time haha.


This is one to try right before a shower because it is messy, I got it in my hair and had to take a shower. when I first washed it off I thought my skin looked okay not like omg good but it did look a bit better.

But when I got out of the shower I notice my face felt weird and slightly itchy, I looked in the mirror and saw my face had red patches on it…umm that’s not what you want.

I don’t know if it was some kind of allergic reaction or what it did disappear pretty quickly and now my face looks totally fine, fortunately and actually feels pretty soft and looks better I think but this one is not for me given the allergic reaction or whatever it was.

What are some other great DIY beauty treatments? I would love to hear what you have tried and what has worked or failed.


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