5 Easy cheap D.I.Y gifts

cheap gifts

I have been thinking about gifts for the holidays this year, yes its early but I like to get my shopping done early so I can focus on all the other fun things about the holidays.

Every year it seems there are more people to buy for on my list and it can get overwhelming just thinking about it and trying to find them the perfect gift…not to mention the cost of buying for so many people.

So this year my goal is to give more homemade and CHEAP gifts to cut down on cost but here’s the thing I have tried the whole D.I.Y gift giving before and it becomes to much to handle trying to make cool gifts that people will actually like. Its a lot of work and can actually cost just as much or more to make handmade gifts!

I remember one year I made my Nephews each homemade beanbag style chairs, thinking that it would be a cheap fun gift to give. well they did love them thankfully BUT even with using fabric I already had the cost of the filling for two beanbag chairs was more than just buying them a premade gift.

My goal this year is to make D.I.Y gifts that are cheap and quick to make that will still be awesome.

Here are 5 that I plan on making this holiday season:

5 easy cheap D.I.Y gifts

  1. D.I.Y lip scrub I made this scrub and tried it out a few months ago and I am in love with it! super fast and easy to make. .
  2. T-shirt scarf this infinity scarf using a t-shirt looks super easy and cute. I can’t wait to try it out!
  3. 3 minute fudge 3 minute fudge with just 3 ingredients…umm yes that sounds like the perfect D.I.Y gift to me!
  4. Microwavable heat pads these are great for all kinds of aches and pains or when its winter and your cold. I am going to make these with the peace and calming essential oil I think it is made by young living.
  5. Morse code name bracelet these are cute!!

If you wanted to really make an awesome gift for someone special I think all 5 of these things wrapped up together like a little spa like set would be amazing…I mean I would love it if someone gave me this!



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