5 Easy cheap D.I.Y gifts

cheap gifts

I have been thinking about gifts for the holidays this year, yes its early but I like to get my shopping done early so I can focus on all the other fun things about the holidays.

Every year it seems there are more people to buy for on my list and it can get overwhelming just thinking about it and trying to find them the perfect gift…not to mention the cost of buying for so many people.

So this year my goal is to give more homemade and CHEAP gifts to cut down on cost but here’s the thing I have tried the whole D.I.Y gift giving before and it becomes to much to handle trying to make cool gifts that people will actually like. Its a lot of work and can actually cost just as much or more to make handmade gifts!

I remember one year I made my Nephews each homemade beanbag style chairs, thinking that it would be a cheap fun gift to give. well they did love them thankfully BUT even with using fabric I already had the cost of the filling for two beanbag chairs was more than just buying them a premade gift.

My goal this year is to make D.I.Y gifts that are cheap and quick to make that will still be awesome.

Here are 5 that I plan on making this holiday season:

5 easy cheap D.I.Y gifts

  1. D.I.Y lip scrub I made this scrub and tried it out a few months ago and I am in love with it! super fast and easy to make. .
  2. T-shirt scarf this infinity scarf using a t-shirt looks super easy and cute. I can’t wait to try it out!
  3. 3 minute fudge 3 minute fudge with just 3 ingredients…umm yes that sounds like the perfect D.I.Y gift to me!
  4. Microwavable heat pads these are great for all kinds of aches and pains or when its winter and your cold. I am going to make these with the peace and calming essential oil I think it is made by young living.
  5. Morse code name bracelet these are cute!!

If you wanted to really make an awesome gift for someone special I think all 5 of these things wrapped up together like a little spa like set would be amazing…I mean I would love it if someone gave me this!



How to make a wrapped rope necklace

How to make a wrapped rope necklace.

wrapped rope necklace

I found this cute tutorial for a wrapped rope necklace on you guessed it Pinterest! For once I actually had the supplies for this DIY already in my craft cabinet…yay!

Don’t you hate when there are these amazing DIYs on Pinterest and you get all excited to try them out, only to read the supply list and realize its a ton of stuff you don’t actually have and will end up having to go to the craft store to buy…not to mention it will cost way more than it would cost to just buy something similar. I hate it so I always hunt for projects that I have at least similar supplies on hand to make it with.

I have never really worn a lot of necklaces as a fashion piece anyway. I do have a cross necklace that my husband gave me when we where dating that I wore every single day no matter whether it went with my outfit or not because it meant so much to me, still does but once we had babies it was always getting pulled on by little baby hands so I put it up and honestly haven’t worn any necklaces since!

I want to try to wear more necklaces with my outfits so I decided this DIY wrapped rope necklace was a perfect place to start experimenting with what kind of necklaces I might like to wear.

wrapped rope necklace

This was a really simple DIY but it did take a little while to finish.

◾rope of some kind a lightweight kind works best
◾embroidery floss in colors of your choice
◾Glue (I used fabric glue)
◾small metal rings

I found some rope in my craft drawer and just measured it to the length I wanted my necklace to be when finished and then cut it a bit longer so I could tie the ends together

rope for necklace

Now in the directions it said to use a strong glue and glue the ends together instead of tying them to have a more flawless look ( I highly recommend doing so ) but I was worried the glue I had wouldn’t hold so I just tied it.

knot for necklace


I had fabric glue on hand so that’s what I used to secure the ends of the embroidery floss to the rope which I think worked pretty well. I haven’t had any trouble with it coming undone. After deciding on what pattern I would do with the embroidery floss I began alternating wrapping the different colors around the rope, gluing the end of the floss to the rope every time I changed colors.

DIY Rope Necklace

somewhere about when I took this photo I began to question if it was even a good idea to try to make this cause I was already over wrapping the thread haha. I tend to get impatient when I start a project and I just want it done. The good news is this really doesn’t take that long and could be done while sitting in front of the t.v.. which is what I should have done, not when I was 30 minutes from needing to start supper.

Lastly I added a few of these little metal rings to the necklace, I don’t think they are the same as what was used in the tutorial but I have a bunch of these little rings so I decided to use them.

jewelry rings

rope necklace

I had to use the colors I had on hand but if I had white and black, or gray and purple O or yellow and gray then I think those would have been lovely combos. I may actually buy those colors and make those as well…just maybe not right before supper.

The colors you chose and the way you set up the pattern of colors will determine if you use this necklace as a casual piece or a more dressy necklace.
This is such a simple necklace which is perfect for me and I also love that depending on what weight rope you have this is a nice light necklace.

diy necklace

I chose to wear this necklace with a pair of jeans and a sleeveless gray top to go on a field trip with my daughter yesterday.

Best DIY Lip scrub!


I always see all these DIY beauty treatments on Pinterest and I wonder how well they actually work. I usually stop short of actually trying them because one time I decided to try a DIY hair mask that was supposed to make my hair all soft and wonderful.

The problem? well it had oatmeal in it and trying to get oatmeal out of your hair is almost impossible it became gooey and “snot like” and I had to wash my hair over and over and comb it over and over to get it all out, it was a nightmare. did my hair feel softer? nope after washing it that much it was fuzzy and dry.

So no oatmeal for me today! but I picked 3 simple treatments to try out, first up I tried Kiss me sugar lip scrub. the recipe did say to use almond oil which I didn’t have but I saw in the comments that some people where using olive oil so that’s what I used along with the optional dash of cayenne pepper ( seriously don’t go over board with this ingredient.)20180823_112946

this is what it looked like after mixing it all up:

Lip scrub DIY


I massaged this into my lips for about a minute and then washed it off and let me tell you this stuff worked! my lips felt amazing and very soft, its been several hours and my lips still feel just as good!

I think I may just make some of this scrub up for Christmas this year and put it in cute little containers as stocking stuffers.

On to my next DIY treatment: Nose pore strip. now I have been wanting to find a good nose pore strip for awhile DIY or store bought ( If you know of a great one let me know in the comments below), so when I found this I thought it was worth a try.

All you do is put egg whites all over your nose and then stick a strip of paper towel to your nose for 10 minutes, simple right?


It looked crazy and honestly I found slathering my nose with egg whites a bit gross so I already wasn’t loving it and then after 10 minutes I removed the paper towel and yeah it was a fail! I didn’t notice any benefits of  this one unfortunately.

After that fail it was on to my last treatment Coffee face mask another really easy one which I just had to mix coffee powder and honey together, I didn’t have any powder so I just used regular coffee that I had.


It smelled really good…well if you like the smell of strong coffee that is. I massaged it all over my face and then left it on for the 20 minutes like the directions said. I looked really cute this time haha.


This is one to try right before a shower because it is messy, I got it in my hair and had to take a shower. when I first washed it off I thought my skin looked okay not like omg good but it did look a bit better.

But when I got out of the shower I notice my face felt weird and slightly itchy, I looked in the mirror and saw my face had red patches on it…umm that’s not what you want.

I don’t know if it was some kind of allergic reaction or what it did disappear pretty quickly and now my face looks totally fine, fortunately and actually feels pretty soft and looks better I think but this one is not for me given the allergic reaction or whatever it was.

What are some other great DIY beauty treatments? I would love to hear what you have tried and what has worked or failed.


Simple D.I.Y bracelets


Simple D.I.Y Bracelets

I had to wake up early this morning to get to my chiropractor and massage therapy appointment. I had about 15 minutes to get dressed and make all 3 kids a quick breakfast before heading out the door.

All while my almost 4 year old flipped out because he couldn’t go with me…seriously he threatened to make his dinosaurs keep me home! Then he had a whole new meltdown because he couldn’t find the dinosaurs (FYI they are imaginary).

Anyway I ended up running out the door with a slightly wrinkled shirt, jeans and a bit of blush on my cheeks…at least my hair wasn’t in my usual top knot/messy bun.

When I got home later in the afternoon I started thinking of ways I could  add a bit of instant style to my plain boring/just ran out the door look.

A dress I had thrown In a pile of clothes from cleaning out  my closet a few days ago caught my eye, I have always love this dress but it’s made out of super cheap see through material.


It gave me the idea to make a set of simple D.I.Y bracelets to throw on  to make my look a bit more put together.

1st I cut the ties off of the dress, measuring around my wrist making sure it was long enough to tie around my wrist and loose enough to pull on and off but not so loose that they fall off

this would probably  work with some wide (around 1-2 inches wide) ribbon in a cool pattern, you may want to use liquid stitch or a hot glue gun on the cut ends if it looks like it will fray.

Then I grabbed 6 large wooden beads I had on my craft shelf ( I am sure these would be easy to find at hobby lobby or any craft store). I spray painted them with a green spray paint I had left over from another project.

I let them dry for about 15 minutes and then flipped them to the other side so I could get them completely covered in the paint and then let them dry for about 30 minutes.

I twisted the end of the bracelet like this:

Just to make it easier to put the beads on, I threaded 3 beads on each bracelet spacing them evenly and then just tied the ends together in a small knot and that was it!

DIY Bracelets


I really love how they turned out and I can’t wait to wear them out!

*tip the beads did want to stick when I was spraying them and turning them so defiantly place them on something like foil or I think wax paper would be much better I just didn’t have any.