Would you try braid rings?


Braid rings, pierced braids

I am so excited! I finally bought me some Braid rings, I saw these on Pinterest months ago and I thought they where so cool looking. I thought about ordering some so many times but for some reason I never did.

Actually I know exactly why I didn’t, I have a really hard time spending money on myself even a small amount. But like a lot of moms I have talked to if  I am buying something for my kids then it doesn’t bother me but I feel selfish and wasteful when I spend on myself. I am trying to change that though because I deserve to treat myself too!

So last week I was looking through my hair board and decided it was time to try them out! I found a assorted pack of 20 silver rings on EBay they also had rose gold ones (I may try those next) for less than $4 with free shipping which seemed pretty reasonable to me.

braid rings

I got them in the mail on Saturday and since I had decided to wear my hair curly I went ahead and braided a small section of my hair then added the small size braid rings to my finished braid. it was so easy all I had to do was twist them open and positon them where I wanted in my braid then twist them shut.

braid rings


I really had fun wearing these and got lots of compliments on them, I also tried them today with my hair straightened and the larger size rings.

braid rings


I loved this look just as much. Sometimes its just really fun to try something different even if its something as simple and small as a few Braid rings. Have you or would you ever wear braid rings? Any tips on different styles to try?